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Looking for employment? WE’RE ON THE JOB!

Job Seekers

We are your dedicated job hunters!


At Caribbizz we understand how stressful job searching/changing can be and we appreciate your need for a thoroughly professional service that is totally reliable.


With an extended network across St. Lucia, and many close relationships with both large and small businesses throughout , we have access to a large number of available roles. Looking for the best opportunities? Start with us! 

If you are actively seeking new employment wait no longer Subscribe! to receive our weekly vacancy updates.

As job hunters we work alongside St.Lucia’s most respected employers and will provide you with detailed job descriptions, company overviews and keep you informed about all available opportunities weekly.


Subscribe! Get connected! 

  • Stay informed about opportunities that match your interest

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CaribBzz really came in at the final hour for me, thanks to them i am now employed full time they will always have my support.

Melanie Jn Baptiste. 

A friend told me about CaribBizz and to this day, one of the best decisions i made was subscribing. Thanks to them i have been employed for the past two years.

Cherie Florent. 

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