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Ministry of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information-Director For Quality Assurance & Certification Services

Tourism recovery and international competitiveness post-COVID 19 requires sustained industry-wide compliance with minimum standards encompassing health and safety, quality, crisis resilience and environmental and climate responsiveness.  Therefore, in an effort to support ongoing tourism recovery efforts, enhance competitiveness, ensure industry resilience against future crisis and climate change, protect livelihoods in Saint Lucia, assure visitors, industry workers and residents of health, safety and quality tourism products and services, the Ministry of Tourism has recognized the need to develop and maintain interventions for health and safety and to ensure that internationally accepted tourism service, facility and product standards are consistently applied across the industry and monitored accordingly.  

This recognition is reflected in the tourism policy and legislation, which sets out to build an inclusive, resilient and sustainable tourism sector and to increase the global competitiveness of Saint Lucia’s destination products, services and experiences.  Tourism policy and/or legislation require tourism operators to be certified to ensure that the required standards are met and that they are compliant with the local laws.  

In conformance with tourism policy and specifically in providing quality assurance to support the competitiveness of Saint Lucia’s tourism products and services, the Ministry of Tourism created a Quality Assurance & Certification Services Unit and now seeks to contract a highly motivated, qualified and experienced individual to establish, manage and carry out its functions. 

 The Quality Assurance & Certification Services Unit will oversee the implementation of standards and certification schemes to enhance the management of health, safety and security and disaster risk issues impacting tourism sustainability in Saint Lucia. Additionally, it will facilitate administrative processes for the Tourism Certification Committee and promote national awareness of tourism standards. The Unit plays a key role in transforming the destination’ offerings to meet high standards consistently ensuring quality, safety and health for visitors, workers and residents supporting a sustainable tourism sector.


The Director of Quality Assurance and Certification Services (the Director) will be responsible for establishing, managing and carrying out the functions of the Quality Assurance & Certification Services Unit and shall be the lead support and liaison person for Quality Assurance and Certification Services at the Ministry of Tourism.



  1. A Bachelor’s Degree with at least seven (7) years demonstrated experience in Human Resources; Organisational Management, Business Administration; Management, Research; Tourism, Hospitality, Project Management or a related field;


  1. A Master’s Degree with at least three (3) years demonstrated experience in Human Resources; Organisational Management, Business Administration; Management, Research; Tourism, Hospitality, Project Management or a related field;

  • Minimum of five (5) years of professional experience in management; certification programs, quality assurance, or a relevant position within the tourism or related industry;

  • Successful track record working at a supervisory decision-making level;

  • Experience in reporting to governance bodies; and

  • Experience in coordinating research initiatives.


Director for Destination Management reports directly to the Permanent Secretary with delegated technical reporting to the Chief Tourism Officer of the Ministry of Tourism.


  1. identifying, managing and overseeing the development, implementation and update of tourism industry standards and quality assurance as part of the standards;

  2. facilitating the tourism certification processes according to legislation;

  3. identifying recognised tourism service and or business standards and encouraging and supporting tourism operators in their adoption;

  4. facilitating stakeholder sign-on to the developed standards and certifications;

  5. identifying training and other related needs to support industry operators in meeting the set standards and certification schemes;

  6. monitoring industry adherence to standards and certification and, in so doing ensuring that tourism operators comply with identified operating practices as required by law;

  7. monitoring workforce related issues and creating the environment for upskilling of the tourism industry;

  8. providing ongoing research supported input to inform quality assurance and certification decision-making for tourism sustainability and competitiveness;

  9. facilitating recognitions and awards for industry stakeholder achievements and best practices in sustainable tourism, risk resilience and climate responsiveness; 

  10. managing visitor complaints and leading product improvement and the provision of support for any visitor crisis or negative unforeseen event by liaising and working work all units within the Department and with relevant supporting stakeholders and partner agencies to address issues and to provide relevant support;

  11. other relevant activities and duties in support of the mandate of the Unit.

For consideration, qualified applicants should submit their resume to  

Applications should be submitted no later than March 11, 2024.

Only suitably qualified applications will be acknowledged.

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