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True Value Group - Procurement Supervisor (Apply Now!!)

Summary of Position:

The duties and responsibilities of the Procurement Supervisor are intended to support companies in the True Value group, namely True Value Building & Hardware Supplies Ltd, Builders Choice Ltd, Optima Construction Ltd, Aeroprint & Plut Pumice as needed.

Duties & Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the position include but are not limited to:

  • Conducting research to ascertain the best products and suppliers in terms of value, delivery schedules and quality.

  • Plan and schedule procurement activities for the greatest economy, efficiency and service.

  • Forecast price and market trends to identify changes and to also forecast upcoming levels of demand.

  • Liaising between suppliers, manufacturers, relevant internal departments and customers.

  • Analyze sales trends and purchasing history by preparing the relevant reports. Purchasing decisions are to be supported by these analyses.

  • Supervise, train and evaluate the performance of the purchasing, inventory and receiving clerks to handle processes with the aim to promoting continuous improvement.

  • Receiving and inventory practices are to be monitored routinely to ensure that policies are maintained and improved upon.

  • Inventory levels are to be monitored to ensure that the set minimum on hand quantities are established and maintained.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Degree in Business with a focus in procurement.

  • Minimum two years’ experience in the field.

  • Experience in use of Inventory Management and POS systems

  • Industry/product knowledge would be an asset


  • Ability to prioritize, plan and organize work to achieve the maximum efficiency within the department

  • Ability to work accurately and quickly to meet deadlines

  • Ability to familiarize with industry details within a short space of time and adapt to abrupt changes within the industry.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Strong leadership capabilities

  • Ability to analyze complex problems, evaluate alternatives and make creative recommendations.

  • Exercise sound independent judgment within general policy guidelines.

Please forward applications and queries to by September 16th 2022 for review.

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