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Ministry of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries,  Culture and Information - Quality Assurance and Certification Inspector

The Government of Saint Lucia through the Department of Tourism, has been tasked with Tourism Certification as one of the Department’s functions under the Tourism Development Act No. 1 of 2024. Tourism Certification was designed to focus on industry-wide compliance with minimum standards for not only health and safety, but also for quality, crisis resilience, environment and climate responsiveness.


Therefore, in an effort to support competitiveness on the world stage, ensure industry resilience in the face of future crisis and climate change, protect livelihoods in Saint Lucia, assure visitors, industry workers and residents of health, safety and quality tourism products and services; the Department of Tourism has prioritized the need to develop and maintain interventions for health and safety and to ensure that internationally accepted tourism service, facility and product standards are consistently applied across the industry and  monitored accordingly.


The prioritization of Tourism Certification is reflected in tourism policy and legislation, which sets out to build an inclusive, resilient and sustainable  tourism sector and to increase the global competitiveness of Saint Lucia’s  destination products, services and experiences. As such, tourism operators are required to be certified to ensure that the required standards are met and that  they are compliant with the local laws and can deliver the service promised  through tourism marketing. 


In conformance with tourism policy and specifically in providing quality  assurance to support the competitiveness of Saint Lucia’s tourism products and  services, the Department of Tourism created a Quality Assurance &  Certification Services Unit and now seeks to contract qualified and experienced individuals to serve as the Inspectorate and carry out the functions of the Unit. 


 The Quality Assurance & Certification Inspector (the Inspector) will be   responsible for providing support to the Quality Assurance and Certification   Unit to carry out audits to ensure the attainment of standards for the   sectors of tourism as outlined in the Tourism Development Act No. 1 of 2024.   The Inspector shall provide services to administer and obtain compliance   with the minimum tourism standards for each sub-sector as per the   regulations and policy of the Department of Tourism. 



  • An Associate’s Degree with at least ten (10) years demonstrated  experience in Human Resources; Organisational Management, Business  Administration, National Security, Management, Public Policy, Research;  Tourism, Hospitality, Project Management or a related field; OR 

  • An Diploma with at least fifteen (15) years demonstrated experience in  Human Resources; Organisational Management, Business Administration,  National Security, Management, Public Policy, Research; Tourism,  Hospitality, Project Management or a related field; OR 

  • Minimum of twenty (20) years of professional experience in Human  Resources; Organisational Management, Business Administration,  National Security, Management, Public Policy, Research; Tourism,  Hospitality, Project Management or a related field; 

In addition, the successful candidate must possess: 

  • Successful track record working at a supervisory decision-making level;

  • Experience in reporting to governance bodies; and 

  • Experience in coordinating research initiatives. 

  • A satisfactory Certificate of Character; 

  • Two (2) character references from management level at the last place of  employment; and 

  • Experience using analytical, investigative and research skills. 


The Quality Assurance & Certification Inspector reports directly to the  Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism. with delegated technical  reporting to the Quality Assurance and Certification Consultant. 


(i) Support the facilitation of tourism certification processes according to  legislation; 

(ii) Enter the premises of a tourism operator/establishment to conduct  inspections; 

(iii) Inspect the premises to certify a tourism establishment/product/service  according to the minimum standards established for the tourism sector  (sub-sectors); 

(iv) Conduct investigations of a tourism establishment, product or service in  respect to complaints of alleged reports and violations from visitors (local  and foreign) and other parties; 

(v) Monitor compliance of tourism operators with the requirements and  obligations for certification imposed under the Tourism Development Act  No. 1 of 2024 and the regulations in respect of tourism establishments; 

(vi) Conduct inspections and site visits to assess the compliance to minimum  standards for key tourism sectors and sub-sectors as assigned; (vii)Issue notices to tourism operators; 

(viii)Prepare Tourism Standards and Compliance Reports in accordance with  the authorized inspection forms and regulations. Reports should contain  recommendations or corrective actions to be taken;

(ix) Provide, within such time as the Department of Tourism may direct, a  copy of the Tourism Standards and Compliance Reports to the  Department and to the operator of the establishment, product or service; 

(x) Support the preparation of follow up correspondence to tourism  operators regarding issues observed and the recommendation and/or  corrective actions as per the Tourism Standards and Compliance Reports;  

(xi) Assist in the review and update of tourism industry standards and quality  assurance as part of the standards and certification; 

(xii) Conduct spot checks to tourism establishments to determine gaps in  service delivery and quality; 

(xiii)Facilitate stakeholder sign-on to the developed standards and  certifications; 

(xiv)Assist in identifying training and other related needs to support industry  operators in meeting the set standards and certification schemes; (xv)Monitor industry adherence to standards and certification and, in so doing  ensure that tourism operators comply with identified operating practices  as required by law; 

(xvi)Support tourism research and provide input to inform quality assurance  and certification decision-making for tourism sustainability and  competitiveness; 

(xvii)Support the Saint Lucia Tourism Awards and recognition programs,  tourism classification, quality assurance programs, sustainable tourism,  risk resilience and climate responsiveness as part of inspection, auditing  and reporting services; 

(xviii)Support the Unit in managing complaints and product improvement and  the provision of support for any visitor crisis or negative unforeseen event 

For consideration, qualified applicants should submit their resume to 

Applications should be submitted no later than April 26, 2024.  Only suitably qualified applications will be acknowledged.

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