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Ministry of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries,  Culture and Information - Monitoring and Compliance Officer (Apply Now!!)

Updated: Apr 18

The Government of Saint Lucia through the Department of Tourism, has been  tasked with Tourism Investment Services as one of the Department’s functions  under the Tourism Development Act No. 1 of 2024.

Tourism Investment was  designed to focus on industry-wide support to develop tourism products and  services by providing tax relief to investors who are Certified to conduct  business as a tourism operator. 

Tourism investment services recognize tourism as an export service and is also  aimed at facilitating investments to ensure compliance with minimum  standards, for not only health and safety, but also for quality, crisis resilience,  special support areas, environment and climate responsiveness.


The prioritization of Tourism Investment Services is reflected in tourism policy  and legislation, which sets out to build an inclusive, resilient and sustainable  tourism sector and to increase the global competitiveness of Saint Lucia’s  destination products, services and experiences. As such, tourism operators,  once certified to operate can access incentives to develop their products in  compliance with the local laws, to enhance their livelihoods, pursue  entrepreneurship, create linkages and raise the competitiveness of the  destination.


In conformance with tourism policy and specifically in providing a climate of  tourism investment, the Department of Tourism created a Tourism  Investment Services Unit and now seeks to contract a qualified and  experienced individual to provide monitoring and compliance services to  beneficiaries of tourism incentives.


The Tourism Investment Services Unit will facilitate the work involved in  developing a tourism investment climate to provide tax and non-tax relief to  certified tourism operators to expand, upgrade, renovate and develop tourism  businesses – products and services according to the standards outlined in the  certification schemes under the Department of Tourism. It will also facilitate  the administrative process involved in the processing of incentives and  monitoring compliance of beneficiaries to the conditions of concessionaire  agreements issued by the Tourism Investment Committee, the Minister of  Tourism and the Cabinet of Ministers. 



The Monitoring and Compliance Officer assists in the review of technical  drawings submitted in support of incentive requests, approves Bills of  Quantities and Customs Entries for approved tourism products, projects and  developments based on project documents and approval by with the  Tourism Investment Committee, the Minister for Tourism and the Cabinet 

of Ministers.  


  • University Degree in Quantity Surveying, Architectural or Construction  Management with no previous experience; OR 

  • Diploma from C.A.S.T., University of Technology in Quantity Surveying,  Architectural or construction Management with at least six (6) years of  relevant experience; OR 

  • Diploma from SALCC in Construction Engineering, Quantity Surveying,  Architectural Technology, Architectural or Construction Management or  related area with at least nine (9) years of relevant experience. OR 

  • Minimum ten to fifteen (10-15) years professional experience in  Brokerage Services, Customs Auditing and Processing of Customs Entries 


 The Monitoring and Compliance Officer works under the general supervision   of the Director of Investment Services. 


(i) Support the facilitation of tourism investment processes according to  legislation; 

(i) Enter the premises of a tourism operator/establishment to conduct  inspections; 

(ii) Review the technical aspects of tourism projects for tourism incentives  and conduct site visits to prepare assessment reports on projects; (iii) Conduct technical analysis and review costing of development plans for  projects submitted for tourism incentives; 

(iv) Review and approve Bills of Quantities and Customs Entries for approved  tourism projects in accordance with Tourism Investment Committee  Approvals and Cabinet Conclusions, in consultation with the Customs  and Excise Department and where necessary recommend amendments; 

(v) Make regular inspections and review projects at various stages of  completion to ensure compliance at every stage of the project and report  on implementation rate; 

(vi) Conduct investigations of a tourism establishment, product or service in  respect to complaints of alleged reports and violations from visitors  (local and foreign) and other parties; 

(vii)Issue notices to tourism operators; 

(viii) Plan, organize and direct activities concerned with the effective  monitoring of projects and report progress based on required intervals  (daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly) by way of written reports, videos  and photographs; 

(ix) Liaise and co-ordinate with other units within the Department to ensure  compliance with standards, quality assurance and information, research  data requirements; 

(x) Liaise and co-ordinate with relevant agencies in carrying out the  Department’s work programme. Provide support to Tourism Officers in  the execution of the work programme; 

(xi) Support the preparation of follow up correspondence to tourism  operators regarding issues observed and the recommendations and/or  corrective actions regarding tourism incentives management and  compliance with concessionaire agreements;

(xii) Conduct spot checks to tourism establishments to determine compliance  with Orders and Statutory Instruments; and 

(xiii)Facilitate stakeholder sign-on and application for tourism incentives. 

For consideration, qualified applicants should submit their resume to 

Applications should be submitted no later than April 26, 2024.  Only suitably qualified applications will be acknowledged.

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